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ネクタイの作り方(How to make a tie)

ネクタイの作り方(型紙無料ダウンロード)How to make ties!(You can download the paper pattern free.)





The number of tie templates has been downloaded more than 2,400, and in spite of the observatory page, when it is combined with Ver.1, the number of downloads of tie templates is more than 3,000 which is far more than the constellation starboard, and becomes “most popular content” I will.

I uploaded this one for fabrics other than silk and satin, cotton and denim and other thick fabrics and fabrics with rough surfaces.

Since the thin part is often caught with a small sword when taking off, I made the middle a little thicker to prevent that. Because the knot becomes a little bigger when worn, it is safe to tie loose. Please use this pattern as it will be easier to use with a variety of fabrics.Thank you!